david.jpgI'm David Susí. I teach at Miguel Hernandez's Permanent Education Center from Torredonjimeno, Jaén, Spain (www.cepermiguelhernandez.es). I teach "Advanced Applications", "Photoshop" and "Social Media" classes.
I work in service planning and evaluation at the University of Jaén (www.ujaen.es). Our work deals with Social Responsibility, Strategic Planning and Quality Management.
I also worked at the Secretariat of Information Technologies and Communication of the University of Jaén for 4 years. Our daily work was to collaborate with the university community (teachers and students) in the development of classes with technological elements such as digital whiteboards, projectors and, above all, through the virtual teaching platform ILIAS (http://dv.ujaen.es), for which We managed to maintain spaces and the different types of content.
Another of my jobs is to Jaén Journal correspondent. I'm not a journalist, but has spent 8 years working on the issue gives you some experience.
In my spare time I practice sports like handball and the paddle. I love movies and music (often attend various festivals and concerts throughout the year) and spending time with friends.

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