The IEOL partnership is all about learning to use social media. Therefore, the dissemination plan centers around the use of social media. The partnership as a whole has used the following means to disseminate the project:
  • Blog

The partnership established a blog at The blog has been public from the start, and interested parties have been able to follow the progress of the partnership there. The blog has been publicized on the partner institutions' own websites.
  • Wiki

When the amount of information about courses and social media tools used increased, the partnership decided to establish this wiki to disseminate information about the experiences gained in the partnership.
  • Facebook

Once the students entered into the partnership, they wanted to establish a facebook group. This group has been a focal point of dissemination among the students and their peers.

Below are the core dissemination activities by the partners in their local communities:


  • Workshops on social media tools for the teachers of Valkeakoski Lifelong Learning Centre
  • Information about partnership on the organization's website
  • Information about transnational meetings on the organization's facebook page
  • Presentations about the partnership and discussion about transnational meetings in various foreign language study groups
  • Regular reports about partnership progress in staff meetings
  • Social media and IEOL stand at Lifelong Learning Centre's autumn fair.
  • Master's Thesis: Collaborative learning through social media in liberal adult education (University of Oulu, Finland. In Finnish only)




  • Province and local media presentation about the project
  • Include the good practices aquired on this project on the courses of our centre
  • Implant a online teaching platform to give some advantage to the students who can't go to class regularly


  • A devoted Blog in Italian.
    The blog started in November 2009 and will be available for next 5 years. It contains documents, presentations, news, reflexions, descriptions of events and places. The interventions in the blog were performed both by teachers and learners.
  • Europe Day 2010 and Europe Day 2011. ( see the blog )


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