About the Project

IEOL is a Grundtvig Partnership consisting of non-formal and formal adult education organisations in five European countries who deal with the local socio-economic challenges presented by e.g. unemployment, migration, social exclusion and ageing population in their regions. Each organisation is committed to promoting e-learning as a way to increase social integration and intercultural communication.

The purpose of the IEOL Partnership is to explore the possibilities of social media in teaching and learning in the context of adult education. Since social media is a part of everyday life, it is useful to consider its pedagogical implications, especially with target groups in danger of social exclusion, such as senior citizens and unemployed persons.

The partners in the project had various levels of experience in e-learning and blended learning projects, using various learning platforms. The aims of the Partnership include exchanging experiences and good practices concerning the ways and means of using open and interactive web tools. Another important part of the Partnership is to develop the methods and common practices of evaluating the process and outcomes of the use of social media in learning.

During the first stage of the Partnership, the staff of the participating organisations studied together the use of social media in teaching and learning. During the second stage, the institutions produced courses for various groups of adult learners and actively involved the learners through intercultural dialogue. Participating learners learned to use the selected online tools for learning in their own courses. Course topics varied from English and ICT skills to photography and history. As the project progressed, teachers and learners experimented with several other social media applications, such as Skype, Picasa, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr.

Partners shared and compared their approaches to the use of social media in teaching and learning, and through joint reflection, good practices as well as challenges were identified. The adult learners who participated in the courses utilizing social media were actively involved in the process of evaluating and developing the courses.

This wiki presents a dossier of good practices and challenges arising from our experiences in using social media tools in adult education.

You can also find the project in the European Shared Treasure database.

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